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The perfect partner for Dry-Aging

The DRY AGER Meat Maturing Fridge - for use by restaurants, artisan meat suppliers and the enthusiastic home "foodie"

Our ambition was to develop and produce an affordable dry aging fridge, which looks as good as it works. We succeeded and the result is the DRY AGER DX 500 and DX 1000.  A timeless modern design, bristling with modern technology. Old techniques meet modern technology. 

Inside the fridge, the meat ages on the bone at a constant humidity of around 85% and a temperature of 1.5°C. The precise electronic control system of the DRY AGER DX 500 and DX 1000 ensures the accurate regulation of temperature, which can be set in precise 0.1°C increments. 

The humidity is also controlled accurately through the integrated HumiControl system, which can be set between 60% and 90%. This guarantees, together with the DX Air® system, a perfect micro-climate, an ideal air-flow and continuous sterilisation inside the DRY AGER - even when the outside temperature fluctuates.  

To protect the contents inside the fridge from harmfull UV-light, the stylish insulated stainless door incorporates a metallic tinted glass.

The DRY AGER is not only restricted to dry aging beef, but can also be used for the production of charcuterie, air drying cured ham and many other applications as well as storing cheese.


Prices from: £2350.00 ( £2820.00 inc VAT)

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